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Below you will find a list of fishing video links that we at Offshore Pursuits found a lot of fun. Unless otherwise specified, all these videos are found through searches on the internet.
Cape Cod Charter Videos

Click on the blue text below for Marlin and Tuna fishing action videos.

Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna - Canyons

Blue Marlin Hookup - Maverick

Commercial Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Anglers 1st Giant Bluefin Tuna

Other videos for your enjoyment.

video " Tuna fishing trip in Aug of this year. This is either someone fighting a fish or fish that we have caught on deck. (Canadian)"
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" Bluefin Tuna - Been holding out a little with the top water action we sometimes see in the Hell Hole so here it is. I have two short clips of monster tuna eating herring up close. (Canadian)"
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" Bluefin Tuna - This is the first tuna we landed a couple year ago, we dart them in case the come off the hook. We are fishing for money, not just for fun.(Canadian)"
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" Bluefin Tuna Fishing - Second to None Charters - Morehead City, NC See more at"
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" Stripers - Fishing Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay for Striped Bass and Bluefish with Mass Bay Guides this is a clip of a Corporate fishing adventure. One of the greatest ways to spend a day with your Clients or Workers. Book to have a fishing tournament with your friends or family." Play video
" Tuna - American Charterman is a movie series filmed over the past season . The first of the series shows 15 huge Stripers and 6 schooly Tuna with some of the most incredible fast pace action set to an upbeat modern musical background . This series is like no other fishing show out there." Play Video
" Shark - American Charterman Shark fishing on various boats in the Mass Bay Guides fleet. This movie shows large Shark and Cod set to fast pace action and a modern musical background. The scenery in these films is out of this world!" Play Video
" Giant Bluefin -American Charterman this clip is a Giant Tuna Fish caught Fishing off the coast of Massachusetts aboard Labrador one of Mass Bay Guides ... all >> five boat fleet located in Scituate Mass. Fishing seven Days a Week great fishing trips and deep sea adventures." Play Video "

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